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Engaging audiences through innovative video marketing

At Motific, we are inspired to lift creative effectiveness significantly through bold video content.

We’re an innovative video marketing agency that designs and executes campaigns from start to success. We help clients leverage video to generate revenue, grow their brands and exceed their business goals.

Motific provides end-to-end video solutions. From channel audits and strategy, through to content creation, implementation and reporting. As the video experts, we understand how to best deploy creative and media assets for maximum campaign impact.


the power of Google is behind us

We are YouTube specialists. Whether you’re after advertising or channel management, we’ll get your brand’s message out on the world’s most powerful video platform. We offer a complete YouTube channel audit and optimisation service, plus access to leading content creators and production resources. As part of our end-to-end service, our media and implementation team ensure optimal campaign performance and offer comprehensive, real-time reporting.

The Production Process


Pre-production is the initial part of our process. It’s where the Motific team workshop your concept, create storyboards, draft the script, prepare the shot list and get the crew and locations locked in. Spending time in pre-production helps everything else fall into place down the line.



Production is the making of the video. With a solid pre-production phase, this part of the process should be seamless. Depending on the concept, we will either organise and accommodate film crews and talent or add to your existing assets with motion graphics and animation to create something truly memorable.



Post-production is all the work we do after filming your video. We edit the footage, mix the audio and add all the finishing touches. Post-production is what brings your video to life!